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Fashion Ramblings of the Kitty kind

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July 17th, 2007

09:38 pm: Reformation, back to the original variation
06 and 07 have been really odd years for me fashion-wise.

Since around 01 I was building up to this lable-whore, glam loving fashionista "thing". It got worse and worse and I just couldn't get enough. It's odd how once I made some major changes in my life AND therefore found MYSELF again, I reverted the the person I believe I was the whole time. My essentials have changed quite a bit in the past few years.

Sneaker Freaker
In high school I didn't wear heels, suddenly when I got out I tried to evolve myself into the "heel wearing" glamour-puss world. It turns out that the closest I can really get to heels is wedges, and I even wear those sparingly. This reformed tomboy has found a way to get her shoe-fiend on and be comfortable. ENTER sneaker culture.

I'd rather have a $100 pair of comfy Creative Recreation sneakers (or kicks) then a pair of fussy bebe heels that I can't even wear! I've ALWAYS loved funky sneakers. This is why some of my oldest "funky" kicks (orange and blue 26Redtred sneakers) are practically collectors items! I was on my kick game far before I even knew what a kick game was. Oh and did I mention COMFORT!

I look fondly at all my bebe and express camis but whenever I look at them all I can think is "uggggh, strapless bra HELL!". I want to be comfortable, plus most of the places I go aren't even that dressy. Now I live in ribbed tanks from across the mall. Harajuku Lovers, Hot Topic, AE, Old Navy, gimmie, gimmie gimmie!

Mini's forever
I still love skirts, that has not changed one single bit. I particularly love denim mini's because they seem a bit more dressy. But any fabric, any color and I'm in heaven. Hey, I'm short so I can get away with it without looking scandalous. Plus a mini, tank, knee socks and hot sneakers = boy magnet!!!!

Knee sock fever
I've always loved knee socks, I've owned my japanese knee socks since 04 and 05 and have been rockin' them ever since. But athletic tube socks (preferrably JUICY ones) are now my signature "style". Everyone knows "shawwty" rocks the socks. I can't get enough...they're just so adorable!

So the super glam fashionista has reverted back to the girly-tomboyish thing she was in the beginning. Sexy school girl tomboyish-ism maybe? Who knows. I know that now I am more comfortable in my skin, either way you slice it. I still like to get dressy once in awhile, I just feel a lot more comfy in tanks and knee socks. ^_^

Time tested products I STILL love

I have literally been using some of these products for YEARS. That is a rarity when it seems like something new is on the block every week. Below are a few of my favorite products and some new favorites as well. (They may not be NEW products, but they're new to my rotation.)

Time Tested
Urban Decay primer potion
Clinique pore minimizer instant perfector
Too Faced lava gloss eyeliner
MAC lip gloss (any type really...)
MAC eye shadows
Laura Mercier undereye concealer
Dior kiss gloss
Dior Addict gloss
Frederic Fekkai glossing cream
Urban Decay body balm in Mai Tai

New Loves
hot rollers
John Frieda hair gloss
MAC IPP in ice (Iridescent Pressed Powder)
MAC SSP in mellow mood (sheer shimmer powder)
MAC eye kohl in buttery (to line the bottom lid, smashing!!!)


I am going to start posting my "photo sets" here including the info on what I used to achieve that look and any inspiration that was involved. I've been really lazy about my normal journal, let alone this one, but I'm really going to try and step my game up!

Talk to you soon. :)

P.S. My site is defunct as of now. I may revive it in a different way though. Time will tell I guess :)

Current Location: Los Angeles, California
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June 8th, 2006

06:12 pm: The $35 difference
I think very few things on this earth inspire more fear in my heart then the thought of using something "new" on my skin. One wrong move and my skin becomes something out of a horror film, an oily broken out MESS. So, when I decided to try and save a few $ you could imagine the pure fear that struck my heart cold. A little dramatic? Then you must have skin that behaves, good for you...go put on your moisturizer and random foundation...I'm not a part of your world. ;)

I found my holy grail (HG) foundation on yet another trip to Nordie's last year after I'd come home from my vacation in Mazatlan. The humid weather didn't allow for any makeup wearing so my skin got a rest for an entire week. I came home glowing and tan...but my foundation was running low. At the time I was using Lancome Tient Idole..but with my newly tan skin it was WAY too light, but I'd been feeling like it made me look chalky anyway...so I was on the hunt for something new.

I believe it was a MUA recommendation that led me to Laura Mercier. It's not a very "hip" company, but I was desperate to try anything. Even though Lancome tient idole made me look chalky it DIDN'T break me out, and that's worth it's weight in gold...chalky or not.

I went to 1 Nordstrom only to find they didn't carry LM (now they do though). So, I had to wait until I went to another mall. Finally the day came and there I was in Nordstrom looking and thinking about at all the past foundations I've tried.

MAC - breakout city, mac face powders, concealers and foundations don't go near my skin
Lorac - too yellow, too light
Cargo - too oily
Lancome - too chalky
Too faced - not enough color options

So I went to the Laura Mercier counter and purchased what I was soon to find to be liquid gold, LM Oil-Free foundation. NOT ONLY did it not break me out, or make me oily it made my skin look GORGEOUS. Something my skin had never achieved before. It gave me a bit of a glow, my skin A GLOW, not an oily mess. Too bad it was $40 a bottle, for a part-time worker/full-time student that's a good punch in the gut.

Happily I went through 2 bottles in a little less than a year. Now there's about 1 more use left in my current bottle, and it's more precious then saffron.

In this year I've had to become a lot more conscious about my spending and a $40 1 oz bottle of foundation is quite a leap. So, after seeing so ads I thought I'd give Maybeline a whirl. Like cheating on a boyfriend, maybe even scarier, I felt like I was committing the ultimate sin. How could you betray something that'd be so good to you? *sniff*

So I crossed the drugstore foundation threshold, something I hadn't crossed since 7th grade. Shortly after some horrid experiences with Revlon and Maybline "clean" makeup my mother bought me mac studiofix, and I didn't wear anything else until after I graduated h.s. (I didn't ask for much growing up. but I demanded MAC studiofix.)

To make this too-long story short, the Pure makeup actually wasn't bad, it wasn't bad AT ALL as a matter of fact. Less then $5 AND a free concealer. My props to Maybelline because EVERYTHING breaks me out. The color was good, the result was good...but, but..it just wasn't perfection.

And that my friends is the $35 difference. The feeling that when I go out it doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup, my skin just looks gorgeous and glowing, that's worth a lot more then $35. Sure, I don't look bad in the Maybelline..but I know I can look THAT much better.

I've decided though to alternate between the 2 foundations. Maybelline for everyday nonsense (bank, post office, lunch with my sister) and Laura Mercier for going out, hot dates and the like.

I went to Nordstrom yesterday to bring my baby home and as luck would have it they were out of my color. :( Guess other ladies are finding out my secret.... ;)

Is that glow worth the extra $35?? I sure as heck think so...
(Lets all hate my sister, her skin is naturally gorgeous...grrr.)


April 19th, 2006

02:22 am: Love at first sight
Being a fashion addict it's hard to figure out when I really love something or if I just want it. That is until I come across something that just hits me like a ton of bricks.

Prior to this I can only recall a handfull of items that literally took me aback: Pink bebe trench, LV murakami multi, Samantha Thavasa star bag. (If the LV didn't have gold hardware I'd probably own one...)

Anyway, I was reading my newest issue of ElleGirl and I came to the ad in the back, I got that magical, "I MUST HAVE THAT!" Feeling, ahh it felt nice.

Tokidoki for Lesportsac

It's like falling in love with a new guy, feels so nice. :)

- Malinda // Couturekitten

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March 14th, 2006

10:03 pm: Not my finest moment
Maybe it's just me, but when I see an item in a magazine or on a celebrity that I happen to own it gives me a giddy little thrill. As if to say "So and So has the same taste as me!" or "They have endless cash yet they're wearing/have [item]".

Well the other day was the first time I ever had the OPPOSITE reaction to the aforementioned happening...I was reading one of my addicted celebrity blog sites and I happened upon this pic.

Ugggh, HER of all people, why couldn't Kristen from Laguna Beach, I would've even been happier with Christina A. wearing it...but nope. So I now have something slight in common with Tara Reed. *barf*

*deep sigh*

To perk myself up I reminded myself that I have something in common with 2 fabulous gals. =)


That'll always be my favorite "item in common" haha. (Well until the next one...) But let us never speak of this Tara Reed thing again!


A bit unrelated but I thought this was so cute. You know someone is going out with a DJ when they're wearing a Mixwell shirt! haha It's probably like an initiation into the "dating a dj" club.

(Her and AM need to get back together already....)


Wow, twice in a week...I'm on a roll!
- bluekittygrl/couturekitten

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March 11th, 2006

03:16 am: WHAT was I thinking?
Going though my purchase folder I had to stop and marvel at these prior purchases...

What I was thinking: Those flip flops with the heels were in...I thought the pink was cute.
Hindsight: PLASTIC pink heels?! WTF? White foot beds at that...good lawd.

What I was thinking: Adorable PF Mary janes, they're made for me!
Hindsight: I like the way my feel look in sneakers..but not mary janes. (Didn't I learn with the Lacoste mary janes?!) I just looked too...earthy? I dont know...

What I was thinking: T-strap maryjanes...cute!
Hindsight: I can't walk in heels, they were a size too big too. DON'T buy things that are too big for you, you'll never wear it!

What I was thinking: Cute, summery, light, bebe!
Hindsight: it makes me look like I have no boobs and I have a baby on the way. The print/fabric is so gorgeous though...*sigh*

What I was thinking: I like watermelon (?)
Hindsight: I still dont know what I was thinking......lol

What I was thinking: I need a new pair of dark jeans...NOW!
Hindsight: I don't like the color, the fit, the length the fabric...I can't stand these jeans!! =/

What I was thinking: Ohh pretty colors, cheap too.
Hindsight: Why would I use these when I pretty much have a high end equivilant to each?! Don't buy things just because they're cheap.


These OTOH were an awesome investment, I've worn these so much, and with my gel insoles I can last in them. :)


My white linen bebe pants are currently MIA...shoot me now. :(


On a sidenote my new LJ name is couturekitten. :)
- malinda/bluekittygrl/couturekitten

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February 16th, 2006

03:42 pm: Not bad
It's now mid-February so I guess it's time to check in and see how I've been fairing with my New Year's resolutions. Style resolutions that is. ;)

I must say that I am quite proud of myself as I have really actually been trying a lot more to NOT be as lazy when I leave the house. But then again situations in my life have presented themselves where I definitely have motivation to try and look my best. There's been a few changes already too, and the year is young!

What's in a color?
Once you go black you never go back they say, well I guess that blanket statement doesn't include hair color! (haha) Well actually that's only half true, my hair is still black but I've added some saucy highlights to perk me up a bit..and I love them. The upkeep on pink highlights is pretty nutty though, I have to re-dye my hair 2-3x a week to keep it pretty. It's vegetable based dye though, so it really does no harm to my hair.

The upkeep was a pretty scary thought for me though, and kept me from doing it for a long time. Now I just want more!! These highlights are good luck, let me tell you. ;)

It's not just the clothes
Feeling and looking better can start with your most basic garments, or so I've learned. Never a stickler for the matching bra/panty set I was always mismatched and crazy unless it was a really special occasion.

In January I went on a bit of a Victoria's Secret binge. Not only were the sets matching but they were colorful. I'd banished my bras to the world of nude, white and black...tres boring. When it's a hot pink or orange bra strap, you tend not to mind as much that it's sticking out! I'm fully addicted to the cute underwear/bra thing now, it's a win win situation.

Everyday wear
As I had hoped I am dressing "cuter" on an everyday basis, now cuter isn't necessarily "all out" glam...I'm not going to school in my bebe cami's and heels...sorry. But I'd wake up and just throw on ANYTHING, including jeans that gave me a muffin bottom Mudd jeans or shirts that made me look like a box.

No more! I feel like less of a lazy bum, if I get proper sleep the night before I'll even throw in my contacts. (They used to be reserved for just going out at night.) Dressing better makes me feel better and just makes my day a little brighter. Those saggy Mudd jeans will see the good will soon...haha.

Heat it up
Before I used to be able to count the times I used a blow dryer in a year on one hand. Now I'm becoming a pro at styling my hair, haha. I'm only 23...lol. (I still can't use a curling iron..but the year is young people!) I really had no idea what to do with my hair, I'd leave the bathroom after 20min of styling looking exactly the same as before. Practice makes perfect and I've been getting lots of practice!

I just can't get enough
Shortly after my last post I acquired some more Juicy. I'd missed out on the Juicy Angel set and they were so rampantly and disgustingly "faked" on ebay I gave up ever owning a real one. :(

SO, when the Heiress sets came out the words, "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine" passed my lips, and sure enough, I'm the proud owner of a black heiress set. I thought it was going to be "too much" at first, but it's really not. I love it soo much. Both my juicy fleece sets are in black but oh well, it's such a staple color..they say you can never have enough black. haha It was worth every single itty bitty cent!!

My sister took some mock paparazzi pics one day when we were out eating, I was wearing it that day.


As for actually buying clothes/makeup I'm slacking off. I've been so busy with my life there's no time! I find that this is actually a good thing though, now I get to shop my closet. It also pushes me to try and find new outfits with what I already have.

Til next time,

P.S. This journal might go friends only very soon. So if you read but don't have me added please add away!

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January 2nd, 2006

01:51 am: Year in Review and looking to 06
This year was a really fun year for me, I grew a bit and got into different things and left a few things on the back burner. I got even more addicted to certain brands and lost it for others. Here a few milestones/fun facts from my closet this year.

My first Dior's:
That sounds like it should be a baby book huh? lol "Baby's first Dior's" But yes, this was the year I attained my first pair of Dior Sunglasses. Well alright, I'm cheating a bit I did own 2 pairs prior..but neither of those were purchased for a Dior Boutique, I bought mine at South Coast Plaza.

Alright to be even more fair, I didn't buy them, they were a gift from my ex-boyfriend after he won a nearly 5G jackpot in Vegas. But, I did get to pick them out in the store. =p Everytime I wear them I channel Paris just a bit more.

Handbag lust fulfilled
In a girls life there's many handbags we lust for..but this year one came along that I just couldn't resist. A lot of people hailed it as ugly/hideous/etc but for ME it was just what the doctor ordered. The Samantha Thavasa star bag had an energy all its own. :)

What I don't like about most handbags is the gold hardware, that was my main qualm with the LV Multi., I'm not a gold girl, also I wanted something fun. When I saw the star bag with SILVER stars I was in love instantly. Even if it hadn't been dreamed up by a Hilton I would've still wanted one. I love my bag to death and I still haven't ran into anyone that has it. Sure I've had a Dooney & Burke it bag, but this bag...it's my baby.

Denim Perfection
I live in California so it's a wonder that the fancy-shmancy denim bug didn't bite me sooner. But this year I obtained my first pair of Seven's and another pair of Juicy Jeans. I've also become A LOT more picky about the fit..I no longer buy jeans from Delia*s or Mudd...they just don't fit like a good jean. =( I really like Express jeans over all, especially the premium pairs, I just bought the most DELICIOUS pair of dark denim Express jeans.

Loving Juicy
Though Juicy is trying to transition from casual to ultra-lux, I still love it. There's not "something about Mary", there's something about JUICY! I was lucky enough to visit the Juicy Couture store at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, not once...but twice this year! Also just received my "Juicy Heiress" set in the mail..tres fabulous.

In the Black
This year I toyed with red, burgundy but in the end I went to the place I knew I belonged, brunettes shall inherit the the earth. =p Yes I do love blondies and redheads too, but there's just something about being a brunette. I don't see that changing for a long while

Favorite products of 05
- Matrix Sleek Look styling creme in Lite
- Laura Mercier oil-free foundation
- Too Faced lava gloss eye liner
- Too Faced lip injection
- MAC lipgelee and lustreglass lipgloss
- Dior Dior kiss gloss
- Dior Dior Addict gloss
- MAC eye shadows (of course)
- Dior eye shadows
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Urban Decay body balm in Mai Tai

Looking to 06
I see more Juicy, more Dior, another handbag (or a few if I can manage it), more DARK denim. I'm also going to try to stop being so lazy when I get dressed in the morning, all these clothes and I wear the same thing all the time..that really needs to stop!! :) I plan to learn who I am even more, through fashion and everyone else..I just wonder what I'll be writing in a year.

As for the site
After a LONG period of doing nothing with the site I've finally started working on it again, it's going to be a long process but I'm going to try to work on it as much as possible and COMPLETE it.

I'm not sure what this journal will turn into but you can probably expect: my current favorite purchases, my opinions on new fashions/celebrity fashion and random blurbs from me. :)

When the site is live I'll be sure to post, this very journal is actually part of the site...exciting right? :)

I'll be seeing more of you in 06,

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June 3rd, 2005

02:42 am: Up and up I go
This may not be true for you, you may have been a fashion hound since you exited the womb...but that is not the case with me.

Fashion thresholds are something that may only exist in my mind, but they definitely exist! You break one and you go onto the other, you dream bigger and wish higher.

As I've mentioned before, the fashion bug barely began to hit me when I was a Sophomore in high school. This one girl, who I couldn't stand, had this backpack that just captivated me. It was simple, nylon and orange 1 strap..but it was made by Dawls. I searched for Dawls but couldn't find it. So I searched on Ebay and I found 1 dawls item, a green shirt in my size. It said, "Dawls California." That was the first item I ever won on ebay, I had to save my lunch money to buy it..but I felt so giddy owning this simple green shirt. I even wore it in my Junior ID picture.

That was the first threshold I ever crossed.

I became obsessed with the Delia*s catalog and Dawls. Anything I could find by Dawls in my size, on ebay I wanted so bad! I'd look at the Delia*s catalog and dream of buying for there but their stuff was just TOO expensive, "$34 for a skirt? They must be NUTS!" I laugh about it now.

Then one day we went to Old Town Pasadena and I dared to venture into a PacSun. There was the cutest dawls shirt, lt blue with Asian symbols..but uggh it was full price, $18!! At the time that seemed so outrageous to me, but I said, "screw it" and bought it anyway.

That "screw it" line, would be my undoing many times in many stores later on. :p Another threshold is past, buying something full price and knowing full well 95% of that price is a namebrand.

After that it was DAWLS, DAWLS, DAWLS. Anything dawls I could see and buy I would own. My bf would spoil me and buy me Dawls everything too. *sigh* My Dawls collection grew to be nearly 150items, small and large. I even had a Dawls executive send me FREEBIES because I wrote and said how much I loved the brand.

In that era I was also starting to buy from Delia*s here and there, I felt sooo special. And I stood at that point for a long while. Delia*s and Dawls, Delia*s and Dawls. (And cosmic girls as well.)

Then one day...I passed by Bebe, I had started to notice their ads, my sister had talked about it before. (Though I didn't care.) I would pass by, but I wouldn't go in the store. I felt too shabby, like I'd be ignored...shirts were EXPENSIVE there!

Then one day...I went in, I believe it was at Brea. I went in and looked around, I saw this amazing logo shirt. It was black and 1 sleeved but the sleeve was long and it laced up and up the side of the shirt. The logo was in rhinestones the laces of the shirt said bebe..it was the most gorgeous top I'd ever seen!! But ugh, it was $50!!! I said, "Screw it".

I felt like a princess when I wore that shirt, so freakin' hot. We'd go visit bebe again and again, still shy, but I'd go in and dream. Then that Valentine's Day tony bought some gorgeous baby pink Bebe cord pants and a bebe v-day logo shirt. From that point on...I was gone. Once you own $79 cords...how can you turn back?!

Another threshold crossed, that $18 shirt is looking good about now.

Now I walk into Bebe Brea and I am greeted like an old friend, the other day at Bebe in Cerritos I got a HUG from a salesgirl! Now I walk into bebe like I walk into my garage, before it felt like I was walking into temple. (That's not to say I don't go crazy for their stuff still!!!! Cause you know I loves me some bebe.)

After bebe I stayed there for a long while. Then came Juicy Couture.

With Juicy it's not so much the price, it's around bebe's level but it's what you're buying at that price! T-shirts and $100+ terry cloth clothing. My very first Juicy item was a cashmere logo scarf in Dove. There was no turning back once again and now my juicy collection still surprises even me.

The Juicy threshold was passed about 2 years ago. I hasn't got too into handbags yet...but then along came Dooney & Burke It bags. Now this is PRIOR to every Tom, Dick and Sally owning a DB bag. No one really had an It Bag. Two Christmas's ago I got my It bag. I don't think I've ever been the same. :)

I stayed at the Juicy, Bebe, Express, Nordstrom and D&B plateau for a long time....

Until I saw the Samantha Thavasa Star bag. There had been other bags that made me drool...the LV Murakami or the Dior Boston Girly bag but I KNEW the second I saw the Star bag that it was made for me. I bought my Star bag earlier this year...my first bag in the mid triple digits..and all you want is more. What's X when you've spent X? haha

And deeper I delve, into that fashion utopia.

Tonight I took another step, above the bebe plateau. I walked into a Dior store, it took a my soul...it was even harder then walking into bebe that first time. I walked in, and walked out with my darling little Dior purchase, a gift from my boyfriend, but a gift from the Dior store. I walk out with my amazing Dior Glossy 2's, made for Me and Me alone. Skipping out of the store...I skip right over that Dior threshold...

Why look, is that Hermes in the distance?

*Waves to the Dawls shirt that started it, what seems like, so long ago.*

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May 2nd, 2005

09:27 pm: What were they THINKING?!
Hey all, or "ya'll" if you wish. I apologize for the SERIOUS lack of updates but look for this journal to be hopping within the next few months!! :) Major changes which I'll disclose with the time is right. For now, a few fun little tidbits from my shopping expeditions.

Dear L.A.M.B c/o Gwen,
Girl, you do have some "wicked style", so WTH where you thinking when you created these horrible sweats?!

If I wanted to look like I was wearing a diaper OR like I was concealing male anatomy, then I'd scoop them up! But to think that I'd pay $113 for ill fitting, ill looking SWEATS. Well lady, you're off your rocker. Paying $113 for adorable, perfect fitting juicy sweats? Hrrrm..

<3 BKG


Dear bebe,

When I saw this bikini on billboards and in magazines, I was practically DROOLED! (Ok, maybe I did, but shsssh!)

I waited for MONTHS for your lovely bikini to appear in stores. Finally while on a trip to Sacramento, I found it!! I was in a hurry, the girls I was shopping with where busy elsewhere and I had to meet up with them. I looked for my size, no XS in the top...darn you. So, I waited.

Last week on another trip, this time in Cerritos, I found it again! Oh the joy, oh the happiness, I was mentally walking out of the store tissue paper/bikini filled bag in tow. BUT wait, a disclaimer appears...

THIS "sunkini" cannot get WET, it will shrink and become discolored.</b>

Wait...you want me to pay nearly $90 for a bikini I can't even wear in the POOL!? Are you serious? Even if I did think it was worth paying $90 to lay around looking fabulous (yes, I almost talked myself into buying it this way...) do you know how STUPID one would look when sitting by the pool, then your friends say, "Hey, come in the water!" Then you say, "Oh ok, let me change into my swimmin' bikini!" *Blank stares abound*

No thanks...

<3 BKG

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December 13th, 2004

11:48 am: A few quick notes
New Juicy Couture Boutique in Vegas
Finally! Juicy opened up a boutique at the Forum shops in Ceasar's Palace. They said they didn't open one in LA first because so many retailers sell Juicy it would have created competition with some of their best buyers. (Hello, LA practically made Juicy famous!!) They're looking to open a few more boutiques if this one is sucessful. It features everything Juicy makes including Vegas-only items. *drool* I can't wait to visit it, possibly in late Jan. early Feb.

Hot Topic sales down
For the first time in 5 years Hot Topic reported a loss in overall sales. This was just reported in the LA Times business section today. They are saying it's because Hot Topic is TOO different from other retailiers like American Eagle or Abercrombie and no one wants to buy basics like jeans and black shirts there. But, the DID aknowledge that the "alternative" kids think it's too mainstream, and the mainstream kids think its too alternative. Also, kids feel that it's too expensive.

IMO this is a definte backlash, when I first started going to Hot Topic (7th grade) there was truely one of a kind things there, all alternative and fun. But now that certain companies have gotten HUGE (i.e. Cosmic Girls "Emily" line") and have branched out to other stores, therefore are more easy to find, Hot Topic lost some of its value. Plus their prices have gone up over the years as stated in the article. I remember when I screen tee was $16, now they're 20-23 depending on if its long or short sleeve. Another thing that may have affected it is think about HOW MANY stores have opened up in the past few years, or have expanded. Off the top of my head I can recall stores opening in West Covina, Montebello's Expansion and addition of Torrid. And these are just at local malls. I think this is a case of over exposure and losing what they originally set out to sell.

Thats all for now. :)

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