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Fashion Ramblings of the Kitty kind
30 September
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I created this journal as a sort of supplement to my regular journal, couturekitten. I often want to "ramble" on about fashion related topics, rant, rave, whatever. I figure here I can do it and people who are interested in that facet of me, can add me, people who are can read my journal. :)

I'll still talk fashion at couturekitten, of course!! But long ramblings that I never post will go unpublished no longer! hehe Also, I won't be posting my shopping "hauls" here.

Everything written here is MY opinion. It's right to/for me but it may be totally wrong for you..and thats fine! :) I'm far from a fashion goddess, just a secret admirer from afar. Feel free to comment/whatever. But just remember, what I'm saying is NOT law! It's just, lil ole' me. :)